enodis nail remover

  • Classification: Cosmetics
  • Acetone free, nail protection, reduced symptoms of whitening.
Detailed description
packing method Individual Packaging, 50 Buying
kind Use to erase manicures
Expiration date 24 months from the date of manufacture
the prime of life propylene carbonate, purified water, ethanol, propylenecyclone, ethylacetate, butylacetate, isopropyl alcohol, buthylene glycol, ethyl hexylglycerin, flavoring
Usage Precautions 1. Do not use it in areas where there are wounds or where there are abnormalities such as eczema and dermatitis.
2. We will stop using cosmetics if there are any of the following abnormalities, and if we continue to use them, it will aggravate the symptoms, so be a dermatologist, etc.
- In case of red spots, swelling, itching or irritation during use
- If the area of use is subjected to the above error due to direct sunlight
3. Do not use the nails or skin around them in case of problems.
4. Do not use near firearm.


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